Dreaming Madmen Launch IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign!

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Hello everyone! As many of you already know, we have already started the writing process for our new upcoming album, and are currently planning show dates for a Texas and Europe tour to promote Ashes of A Diary.

Today, we are launching our IndieGoGo campaign, to help us with the costs associated with making these projects come to life!

The campaign link can be found below. There are countless perks that are included with donations to our campaign such as, early downloads of our upcoming album, T-shirts, the opportunity for us to play on your music and many more!

We appreciate all the support that we’ve received so far, and this campaign will help us reach our goals even faster, so we can meet all of our new and dedicated fans on the road and to release our sophomore album as soon as we possibly can!

Any amount helps and we are eternally grateful for your help and dedication! Please share this campaign far and wide with your friends, family, and fellow music fans!

All the love,
Mathew and Christopher


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